Blue Geometric Pillow


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With simple and versatile patterns designed by 10 Made, these pillows have been individually block printed and sewn by our skilled artisans in India. Beautifully passed down from generation to generation since the 12th century, the skill of block printing is a timeless method of creating unique handcrafted textiles. Available in a navy blue or a brighter indigo blue.   

These pillows have purpose. 10 Made provided a microloan to our India artisans, allowing them to train impoverished women from the tea garden region of India to sew. This creates a skill for these women to create income in an area where the workers are plenty and the jobs are very scarce.  

Each product is uniquely hand crafted with loving care by an artisan, therefore no two products will be exactly alike. Your piece will truly be one of a kind.

Take to heart that you are making a difference. 10% of profit will go toward our current collaboration project.