One wedding, two sisters and months ago, is where this story began. Shirking our wedding responsibilities, we got caught up in an endless discussion on life and who we want to be when we grow up. Because of our 10 year friendship that has been solidified by similar core values, we talked freely about some of our struggles. We loved being mothers but wanted to find a way to show our kids how our faith, motherhood, work and philanthropy could all be a part of our lives. Over our 5th cup of coffee and probably 5th hour of conversation, we asked ourselves a question. How could we harness Tiff’s creativity and passion for interior design with Jen’s savvy business skills, and combine our hearts for serving into something that would fulfill us both and make a difference? That’s when the 10 Made vision was born; a simple formula of design, artisans and giving.

We had one major conviction. We wanted to be invested and involved in the "give back" process. We wanted to do so much more than just write a check. "If we only help 10 people along the way, it’s worth it." That statement was the foretelling of the name 10 Made and it’s still our mantra to this day. We strongly believe in making a positive impact on lives other than our own. 

We want to share our passion of serving and giving back with others, but also instill this within our own families. Above all, we want to do good while we spend every day at an establishment we’ve created, love and stand behind 100%.