By choosing a 10 Made product or service, you choose impact.

When we created 10 Made, we knew giving was the heart and soul of this business. We wanted to be directly involved in the giving back process. We wanted to see real work and accomplishments be done. We wanted to create an impact. 10 Made collaborates with non-profit groups to fund one specific project at a time. Updates are given throughout the process so you can see how your purchase is creating a difference. Once the project has been financed and completed, we begin funding a new project and start the journey all over again. We believe giving should never be a one time experience but a continuing cycle.


Currently, 10% of profit for EVERY product sold or service rendered goes directly to the NEST program at Rippled Purpose. 10 Made Design has partnered with Rippled Purpose to provide $5400, which will fund the rent of the NEST center building for an entire year. Located in Bangalore, India, the center was established to create a positive atmosphere where an interest in learning could be fostered among unschooled children and the community. The center is more than a school in which they learn, it is a place these children can call their very own. A place where they can play, where they are loved, nurtured, protected, challenged, encouraged and allowed to just be children. NEST is their safe haven.

Currently, approximately 72 children (ages 3-12) find a second home with the NEST center.

About the NEST program:
NEST is Non-Formal Education & Skills Training which creates an interest in education among children and their parents/community who would normally not be exposed to school, providing a safe environment for them while their guardians are away or at work.

About Rippled Purpose:
The NEST project is a program within the Rippled Purpose organization. Rippled Purpose seeds hope around the world through education. The UN has declared education as one of the critical ways in preventing human trafficking, including child labor and sex trafficking. The organization works with local change-makers who desire to transform the lives of children and provide hope by establishing schools in the slums where these impoverished little ones live. Medical care and nourishment are also key components covered by their aid.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty and is the hope for our children to escape child labor and human/child trafficking.

Learn more about the NEST project and the impact you are having by clicking here.