Visiting NEST school in India January 09, 2016 09:57

Today has been one of the most gratifying days in our 10 Made journey. When creating a social enterprise we promised that our give back would be more than just writing a check. Today we had the privilege of seeing 1st hand the impact of the NEST school on these precious children’s lives. Living in shanties, these children used to roam the streets of Banglaore, India alone from dawn till dusk.   They had never experienced school, toys, swings, crayons, hygiene, fruit, vaccines, and many more items that we consider normal but to them are luxuries.  

The NEST school drives to each shanty compound and picks up the children Monday through Friday to take them to the school protecting the children from potential traffickers. The school is equipped to take on even more children but the logistics of one small vehicle to pick up all the children is not allowing for maximum attendance.

As we entered the school, tears welled in our eyes as the children performed several songs in English for us. They were so well behaved and called us “Aunties.” The teachers pour love and structure into these children and the proof of changed lives is written in their smiles.

Today is why we created 10 Made.