Getting ourselves out there! October 13, 2015 22:48

In my opinion, blogs are a place where people get to see an insight or more intimate view of the people behind the company.  So here it is, a glimpse into the struggles of Tiff and Jen.

Some people are born natural sales people, true extroverts.  If you are a partnership in a business, it is always helpful if at least one of you fits this category.  Unfortunately, neither Jen nor I are gifted with the art of sales or networking.  Now that we are past initial launch, we are in the beautiful season of getting ourselves out there!  I won't lie, it's a little painful. Can I please hide behind my product vignettes or cuddle next to my laptop and watch all the orders magically appear?

Then we remember the "why" behind 10 Made.  Our "why" involves more than just ourselves.  When you add a greater cause than just you to your "why", the heart gets motivated past your comfort zone into creating a life bigger than you could imagine.