Going live April 28, 2015 22:24

On the eve of our initial launch we are filled with a multitude of emotions. Excited, nervous, hopeful, inspired, blessed, a little tired, but above all, peace in the path we are heading down. What started 8 months ago as a small idea has evolved into a business that not only harnesses our passions of interior design and business, but allows us to work with amazingly talented artisans, teaches our children that you can work AND help others, and produces what we think are pretty amazing pieces for your home.

At time of launch we are blessed to be collaborating with 9 different suppliers/artisans. Some are trying their hand at turning a passion into an income, others venturing into a new industry, and one even providing newly created jobs to some of the poorest women we've ever met.

We've spent time with DeAnne, the fearless leader of Rippled Purpose (which is changing so many lives in Bangalore and we are so blessed to be partnering with in our first collaboration project!), stumbled through our first photo shoots, stayed up through the night teaching ourselves how to build a website, traveled to India to help a small textile business get started, and learned more about metals, finishes, wood and pillows than we ever thought possible.

We feel blessed beyond belief to be part of this. We knew we wanted to create a business we love. Who was to know all of these people would consume so much of our hearts along the way. It really is amazing how God works. And the journey is just beginning.....