Home from India February 05, 2015 11:30

We are home and filled we excitement and total nervousness! Excitement that we have partnered with amazing people with humble hearts. Nervous because now we have seen the poverty and met with the sweet people whose lives could be changed by having a trade and a job using this trade. We could have never understood how our sheltered way of thinking was wrong without going to India ourselves. We thought that just providing training for a trade was helpful in itself. What we failed to see is that training is no good unless you have a job. A job is no good unless you have a form of transportation to get to that job. Transportation to a job is no good unless you have paved roads to travel on to get to that job. None of these were available to the women we were wanting to help! So, we found our great intentions of "at least they will have training" were not so great after all. The realization hit us, "Oh crap, we really have to make this work." 10 Made has to be successful or there are no sewing jobs for these woman (4 of the 6 women being trained are on the left side of picture above). A new level of determination has been planted in our hearts!