India here we come ... January 05, 2015 17:30

Although we have had big hopes and dreams for 10 Made, we had no idea India would become a part of our story so quickly. Let me be honest, Jen and I are planners and not big risk takers (especially Jen).  Ok yes, starting a business is a big risk.  Perhaps, I will say we are very cautious risk takers.

We had started some corresponding with a friend of my mother's to train some women to sew in the very poor tea garden region of India as potential for creating 10 Made textiles. Our American way of thinking was, "worst case scenario, even if 10 Made doesn't work, they will have learned an additional trade to help them earn an income." It became quickly apparent, if we really wanted to help and give this a true shot of success, we needed to go to India and meet our contacts face to face. We have claimed that our hearts are to be an intimate part of the give back but how could we do that without meeting the women, seeing the villages, and sharing the vision together? So, without near as much planning as a normal business plan would dictate, we booked our tickets, prayed, and held our breaths!