The beginning of 10… December 19, 2014 15:45

Our family was together for an intimate wedding at the beach. Jen and I have had endless discussions on life and who we want to be when we grow up (we are mothers and let’s just say around the age of 40). The maternal guilt of wanting to be there for our kids but also wanting something that’s just for us had haunted us both for a while. So, here we were, yet again, having this discussion. 

A little about our background…

I’m an independent interior decorator. I love being a decorator, but I have struggled with one area of my chosen profession. I wanted to have a philanthropic aspect to what I did. 

Jen has a master’s in business with a strong corporate background. She truly enjoys business, but has always had a heart for non profit.  

As we procrastinated our wedding duties, we asked the question, “how can we combine my love for interior design, Jen’s business savvy, and our heart’s for serving?” That’s when the 10 Made vision was born. 

We couldn’t stop talking about it the rest of the weekend (much to the chagrin of the bride to be I’m sure – sorry Michelle.). The wedding turned out beautiful despite our distracted inattention to detail!

We walked away from that weekend with one major conviction. If we go for it and only end up helping 10 people along the way, it’s worth it. We have been fully committed to our vision ever since!